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Dylan Gaither - Atlanta FC Academy


"ProSoccerGlobal provided me a once in a life time soccer experience for the past two soccer tours I have been in England . They are incredibly helpful and friendly! On my first soccer tour to England with ProSoccerGlobal I played against Man City, Liverpool, Blackpool and Stoke, it was absolutely amazing. On my second ProSoccerGlobal soccer tour I played against Blackburn, Aston Villa and the Welsh Premier League champions.

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David Eristavi -  Alpharetta Ambush Coaching Staff - Director of Coaching


"I've been on many soccer tours all over the world and the ProSoccerGlobal tour to England is the best soccer tour by far. As a coach you plan and organise a soccer tour that will support the development of your team. You want your players to experience a different soccer environment, culture and attitude to the beautiful game that will inspire them to fulfil their potential.


From a Coach's perspective ProSoccerGlobal delivered on all these processes and a whole lot more. During our soccer tour with ProSoccerGlobal we played 4 games against Premier League Academy teams. For my players to experience playing at those fantastic facilities against top level English Premier League Academy opposition is something dreams are made of. We also had an amazing coaching session with the Liverpool FC academy coach who coached Steven Gerrard at Liverpool's academy. Being coached by Steven Gerrards academy coach was something our boys will never forget! The Aqua Training session we had in one of the top Colleges in the UK was awesome and for our boys to get the very same Aqua Training used by some of the biggest soccer clubs in Europe was amazing.


The ProSoccerGlobal Tour is a soccer coach's dream, as everything they do is so professional and focused on providing a soccer tour experience that supports the players' development and enriches their lives.


I would recommend ProSoccerGlobal as their soccer tours are by far the best I have ever experienced.

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Pro Soccer Global arranged for Premier League Academy scouts to attend our games and I was scouted to trial with Everton & Aston Villa. Training at Everton and Aston Villa Academy was incredible! Everything about ProSoccerGlobal tours is amazing, the cities we visited, the tour of Manchester Utd stadium, training with Steven Gerrard's Academy coach, going to Man City, Liverpool and Stoke to watch Champions League & Premier League games. I've always dreamed of playing soccer in England and will never forget being scouted to go on trial at Everton and Aston Villa.


ProSoccerGlobal delivers the best experience in soccer tours!!!"

Rolf Wrona, Birmingham, Alabama


"ProSoccerGlobal is without doubt the best for Soccer Tours. Jimmy, Chris and Michael at ProSoccerGlobal were incredible in every aspect of planning & organizing David's soccer trip to the UK. They delivered on all of their promises and a whole lot more!!


They were always available for regular communication across the ocean and I immediately felt comfortable that my son was their top priority. They are very connected to the professional soccer clubs and their knowledge and expertise in creating soccer tours is amazing.


It was inspiring to hear David talk so passionately about his ProSoccerGlobal Tour experience and how it has developed him as a soccer player and a young man. PSG surpassed my highest expectations and have my upmost endorsement. Thank You ProSoccerGlobal!"



Lesley & Isobel Moore, Boston, Mass


"Amazing soccer and beautiful GeorgianTown House Hotel. I'll never forget the twilight Cathedral tour. Thank you ProSoccerGlobal!!"

David Wrona - Birmingham United Soccer Association, Alabama.


"Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!! Playing soccer at English Premier League Academies was crazy. Incredible fields, facilities and amazing soccer. Being scouted and invited to trial at two Premier League Academies, Sunderland AFC and Everton FC was a dream come true. Playing 2 scrimmages for Sunderland Academy and training at the Academy Of Light was a fantastic experience. The facilities were awesome and the coaching really developed my game.

wrona sunderland wrona everton

Everton's academy facility is amazing and I still can't believe I was coached on finishing by an ex England national team striker!! To score for Everton Academy in a scrimmage against Wolverhampton Wanderers Academy was something I'll never forget. Jimmy and Chris are incredible hosts and go out of their way to make the whole experience exceptional.


ProSoccerGlobal make dreams come true!!!"

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Gabor Takacs - ASI-Dinamo Star, Hungary - Head Coach - UK tour 2017


During fall break we spent 8 days in England, which was organised by ProSoccerGlobal. The purpose of the trip is to understand the English football culture and to be richer with experience, which only happens to a few people from home. We played a total of four games, against Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa, Manchester City and Liverpool County FA. We were able to gain insights of everyday workings and structure of these academies.


We participated in two stadium tours, we visited Old Trafford the home of Manchester United and Anfield Road the home of Liverpool FC.This was a great experience to be able to see the stadiums of these world famous teams, especially for the ones that were supporters of these teams. These tours were unforgettable.


We watched Everton v Watford Premier League game, amazing morale, there was almost a full house we were only able to cheer with 38,000 supporters during this absolutely tense 3-2 game.


We have participated in 4 trainings, hot yoga, aqua training and two football sessions. The hot yoga lesson was given us to by Rooneys, Gerrards and other elite athletes instructor. The aqua training was at the Robbie Fowlers Academy, we have gained knowledge of what types of trainings these academy player have in their everyday life. Our first football session was coached by Craig (Liverpool FC Academy Trainer), the second one was led by Hugh McAuley and his son, under his wings players such as Fowler, Owen, Carragher and Gerrard have developed.


We had time to look around in the beautiful city of Liverpool, we went to the Cathedral and other remarkable monuments. We’ve also participated in the famous “Bonfire Night fireworks”


Thank you to all the support from the parents and our sponsor!!!!! Thank you to Andi Nyáry and Törincsi Zsolt for their assistance in England!! I am thankful to the tour organizers Chris, Jimmy and Danny for this fantastic and unforgettable trip, that we were able to gain experience!!!! If we will be able to bring even a bit of our knowledge back home we can be better!!!!


I hope that we will be able to participate in much more of these instructive tours with ProSoccerGlobal!!!!


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